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Explore, Discover, and Learn.

Welcome to the MANTRA Strain Library, proudly brought to you by OBJECTIV. This unique catalogue began intentionally from many hand-picked seeds. While starting a cultivation operation from seed is a longer process, it provides the elements of control and bio-security necessary to produce consistent strains that deliver unique characteristics and reliable, specifically tailored effects. 


The MANTRA Strain Library was created to allow you, the consumer, to interact on an intimate and in-depth level with the various characteristics and hidden facets of each of our unique genetic offerings. It is designed to provide a curated experience where you can gain a front row seat on an expedition through a rich and carefully developed genetic catalogue. As you navigate through harmonious symphonies of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, potencies, sensory notes and flavors, we hope that you will actively discover what aligns with your daily rhythm and calling.

We invite you to buckle up, enter your flow state and find your MANTRA. 

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