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Watermelon Gelato x Papaya


Total Cannabinoids: ~33%
Total THC: ~28%



Colombian Dream, a remarkable sativa-dominant hybrid strain, offers a cannabis journey that's as vibrant as its name. Colombian Dream delivers an energizing and uplifting experience that resonates with cannabis enthusiasts seeking motivation and creativity.


Immerse yourself in the dreamlike journey of Colombian Dream. As you indulge in this invigorating strain, prepare for a surge of euphoria and creativity that unfolds gently but with undeniable intensity. Colombian Dream's uplifting experience is perfect for those seeking inspiration and motivation for artistic endeavors or simply desiring an uplifted mood. This strain's harmonious balance of relaxation and stimulation makes it a suitable choice for daytime use, inviting you to explore your creative depths and embrace the day with renewed energy.

A symphony of terpenes enhances the sensory experience:
δ-Limonene: Infuses a zesty and invigorating citrus aroma, potentially promoting a mood boost.
β-Caryophyllene: Adds a hint of spiciness and earthiness, offering potential anti-inflammatory benefits.
β-Myrcene: Brings a touch of herbal and musky notes, potentially aiding relaxation.
Linalool: Provides floral and soothing scents, promoting relaxation.
β-Pinene: Adds a refreshing pine aroma, potentially supporting mental clarity.

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