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Runtz x Toponga


Total Cannabinoids:~ 35%
Total THC: ~29%



Aether promises an extraordinary cannabis experience that engages both the mind and senses. Aether delivers a potent and euphoric high for both recreational and medicinal users.


Aether's journey begins with a burst of creativity and euphoria, courtesy of its high THC content. The mind dances with delight, embracing a cerebral uplift that sparks inspiration and imaginative exploration. It's a symphony of mental clarity and euphoria, perfect for artists and creative thinkers.

As the experience unfolds, Aether's terpene orchestra takes center stage, creating a multisensory delight. The zesty citrus notes of δ-Limonene uplift the spirit, while the earthy warmth of β-Caryophyllene wraps you in a soothing embrace, offering potential anti-inflammatory benefits. Linalool's floral elegance promotes relaxation and may alleviate stress, while β-Myrcene adds a touch of herbal tranquility. α-Humulene's woody depth adds an intriguing layer to the experience, complemented by the crisp freshness of β-Pinene, which enhances focus and alertness. Meanwhile, Endo-Fenchyl alcohol introduces a unique aroma that heightens the sensory experience.

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