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Sundae Driver x Papaya


Total Cannabinoids: ~28%
Total THC: ~24%



Goldenberry is an ideal everyday strain, providing a harmonious blend of calm and happy feelings. Its balanced effects make it suitable for various activities, offering a sense of tranquility without sacrificing alertness or enjoyment.


Goldenberry's sensory journey begins with the luscious aroma of grape, creating an inviting and sweet experience. This is beautifully complemented by the smooth and creamy notes of vanilla, adding a comforting and luxurious quality. The experience is completed by the delightful hint of berry, rounding out the profile with a fruity and refreshing touch.

The dominant terpenes, limonene and ocimene, significantly contribute to this delightful sensory experience. Limonene, known for its citrusy and mood-enhancing properties, adds brightness to the strain's profile. Ocimene, with its sweet and herbaceous notes, further enriches the aroma.

Together, these terpenes create a sensory profile that is both uplifting and soothing, making Goldenberry an excellent choice for those seeking a balanced, calm, and joyful experience.

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