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Kush Mintz x GMO x Maui Wowie


Total Cannabinoids: ~33%
Total THC: ~27%



Bermuda Triangle, an enigmatic hybrid cross of Kush Mintz x GMO x Maui Wowie, beckons you to explore the mystical world of cannabis. Bermuda Triangle promises an intriguing and balanced experience that appeals to both recreational and medicinal users.


Bermuda Triangle's journey is a mysterious odyssey that begins with a gentle euphoria, inviting the mind to ascend to new heights of creativity and relaxation. This cerebral high uplifts your spirit, making it perfect for artists and those in pursuit of imaginative escapes.

As the experience unfolds, Bermuda Triangle's terpene ensemble takes the stage, enhancing the sensory delight. β-Myrcene's herbal and musky notes wrap you in tranquility, while β-Caryophyllene's spicy and earthy tones may offer soothing relief. The citrusy allure of δ-Limonene energizes the mood, while the fresh, piney β-Pinene enhances focus and alertness. α-Pinene adds a touch of piney freshness, complemented by the floral elegance of Linalool, which promotes relaxation and stress relief. The gentle herbal and floral notes of α-Terpineol enrich the sensory experience, creating a symphony of terpenes that harmonize with the strain's cannabinoid profile.

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