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Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake


Total Cannabinoids: ~31%
Total THC: ~25%



Colanazepam, a unique hybrid cross of Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake, invites you to embark on an extraordinary cannabis journey. Colanazepam offers an exceptional experience that caters to both recreational and medicinal enthusiasts.


Prepare to be captivated by Colanazepam's enchanting journey. As you consume this strain, a gentle euphoria washes over you, lifting your spirit and relaxing your mind. This state of serenity is an invitation to explore creativity and find solace, making Colanazepam a perfect choice for artists and those in search of profound relaxation.

The sensory experience is enhanced by a symphony of terpenes:
β-Caryophyllene Infusing a spicy and earthy aroma, it may offer potential anti-inflammatory benefits.
δ-Limonene: Bringing forth a citrusy and uplifting scent, it provides a mood boost.
Linalool: With its floral and soothing notes, it promotes relaxation.
α-Pinene: Adding a touch of piney freshness, it possibly supports mental clarity.
α-Bisabolol: Contributing floral and herbal elements to the sensory experience.

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